Overall Objective 

The current and emerging scenarios in Indian coal sector calls for an insightful and detailed study that analyses each and every development, spot the emerging trend and assess the impact of same on different stakeholder / businesses dependent on coal to better equip themselves for a sustainable business operations.

InfraInsights through this report aims to examine the entire Coal value-chain in India, developments in other coal dependent markets, to provide insights on the likely Coal Situation in the country by 2030. This report aims to go beyond crystal gazing and do an in-depth analysis through mix of primary and secondary research and analytics to find whether this dark commodity / or black gold is likely to add to existing darkness or bring light to every household and help run boilers of every industry dependent on coal for its primary source of energy. 

This research report will segment the coal demand by different sectors focus on likely emerging domestic supply vs. import scenario. This dossier will also enable an in-depth insight on the available infrastructure to support the rising demand for coal spread in India coupled with case studies of  companies struggling due scarcity of coal. In addition the research will also highlight the cases where capital expenditure have taken hit due to coal crunch and several other areas that are important to enable decisions centred around Coal. 

Key Questions Answered

Will there be enough coal to feed the boilers of power plants, cement plants and other users?

What are the supply chain related issues in coal sector?

How are non-power industry managing the coal crunch and its on small and medium scale process industries?

From where the other industries get the required fuel, with FSA almost shut for them or only assurance of 50% of CIL coal is not going to solve their problem?

Are all coal consuming sectors planning for long term fuel switching or having their own backyard storage of coal for back up?

What are coal consuming industries of India thinking in terms of coal import and do they have any sustainable and economical way of importing coal from overseas market?

Can the good old central monopoly CIL pull all its strings to increase the production growth to maintain the ever rising demand of the fuel?

Are our ports equipped enough to handle the large volume of imported coal in future?

How does the coal demand and supply atlas look like? 

Table of Contents (Abridged)

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background

    a. Coalnomics in India: How Indian economy is interdependent on Coal

    b. Puzzling facts of Coal in India

    c. Impact of coal un-availability on Planned Capital   expenditure in India 

  3. Demand, Demand Segmentation and Evolving Dynamics of Coal in India
  4. Coal in Indian Power Sector
  5. Coal Requirement in Cement Sector of India: 2012 and 2020
  6. Coal in Indian Sponge Iron Industry: 2012 & 2020
  7. Coal in Steel, Brick Kilns and Process Industry
  8. Thermal Coal Supply in India – Domestic & Imports
  9. Coal Imports Infrastructure in India: Current Constraints and Future Challenges
  10. Emerging Coal Destinations for India: Imports Perspective
  11. International Trade and Coal Movements
  12. Opportunities for Key stake holders in Indian Coal sector
  13. Way Ahead
  14. Abbreviations
  15. List of Figures
  16. List of Tables
  17. Annexure

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